Thursday, July 15, 2010

A website for meeee!

Hi all!
So ive been getting quite a bit of  my own work lately 'on the side' from my full time architectural job & have decided its time to have my own little website & branding. For those of you who dont know im an interior architect - i do all kinds of things from the 'fun stuff' like conceptual plans, the design of entire houses (layouts, kitchens, bathrooms, custom wardrobes & joinery, lighting etc) and doing all the detailed building & joinery plans, to the less fun stuff like preapring all the reports for council submissions & certifiers.
Luckily i have a very talented freind who is an amazing graphic & web designer & is helping me out.
(i posted about her wedding here)!
So what id love to hear from everyone is suggestions of great blog/website/branding design for me to go & have a look at for some inspiration! Layout/colours/branding etc! Have you seen anything you think is great lately??

Maybe one day ill have one of those offices for myself that i keep posting about :) Ill leave you with some images of great desk/office spaces of where i plan to spend my days eventually! FYI when you come to my office there'll be fresh flowers, a nice big central table with an enourmous pendant light, cool chairs, coffee and champagne. See you there!

Love this chair!!

mmmm yummy jonothan adler space...i will SO be buying these chairs for my office.

oh look its the chairs again!
image peppermint bliss

And here are 2 more ive posted before but are too good not to share again!

Stay tuned!
Tomrrow Im off to have that dental surgery i mentioned once before! eeeek wish me luck.....and pray the bank balance recovers! ...and excuse me if there are any drug induced ramblings posted tomorrow night or saturday :)


  1. Good on you Sal! So exciting to think about starting something of your own!
    Love the Jonathan Adler space, if we ever get to build our dream house will definately give you a call :) Good luck at the dentist tomorrow and thanks for the blog tips, I will try to get my head around it!:)

  2. That is so exciting! Congrats :)

    I love, love, love those faux bamboo chairs. I am obsessed with them & am determined to find one that I can paint.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  3. Getting there .. GO SAL!! Here if you need anything (-:. Oh, and good luck at the dentist. Hopefully not too painful but I am looking forward to your drug-induced ramblings (-:

  4. Your work sounds like so much fun - great news you're getting some work on the side too. Love that third office with the big inspiration wall. All the best for your dentist visit xx

  5. Oooo exciting! These offices are lovely, Sal. As for websites, if it's architectural then keep it graphic and structured I think! Good luck!

  6. Good Skills sal....its exciting to think big..and I love that you already have your office all decked out ready to put into fruition..good girl...x

  7. Having a website is different, but making a strong impression with your website design is another thing. A good web design helps you to be a cut above the rest and helps people to take notice of your business.

  8. ooh exciting stuff! can't wait to come and chat design with you in your glamorous office whilst sipping champers......KG



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