Monday, July 26, 2010

The Black Dog Institute - a freind lost to suicide

Ok guys, now i know this is completely off the topic, but i know how amazingly supportive the blogging community is & I have a freind who i think could do with some!

This past January my freind Kate lost her partner to suicide after a long battle with depression.
I cant imagine what this must have been like for her & his family. There were some dark months for Kate but she didnt just turn into a total mess never to emerge again!
Kate is now volunteering for the Black dog Institute & will be doing the 9km Bridge run as part of the Sydney Running Festival to raise money for them. If you might like to make a donation no matter how small to get behind her here is the link.

Kates Run To Support the Black Dog Institute

You can read a bit more about Kate's story here in the article done by the local paper (its on page 9)

Anything will help towards preventing this happening to someone else & to shine a light on something that is sometimes ignored - lets not let this happen to anyone we know!
Id love for you to show Kate some of that blogging community support - I know she will appreciate it more than i can say!

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