Thursday, July 22, 2010

Update - get the look modern bohemiam

Was just admiring this image over on Belle Maison & realised it was the side veiw of my modern bohemian living room from Monday! So lets get a bit more of this look!

For the dining table look take one Ikea Liatorp table $429
And some black Panton chairs from Matt Blatt
($265 for the premium version or about $100 for the 'non premium one' )

Add some pale blue curtains & a chandleier...maybe something picked up at a garage sale or one of  these  from Beacon Lighting!

The Ballet $149 (my personal fav)

The Excel $299

The Bern $189

Add some hrdrangeas in a ginger jar to the table & were done!

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  1. What a gorgeous room! I particularly love those little round coffee tables. Everything in this image works so well together. I love that Excel chandelier. Hope you have a great day. P.S Thanks for your kind words yesterday and for sharing your own experiences x

  2. Love your new posts where you show where to buy and how much etc .. great idea and a source of inspiration!! (-:

  3. Fantastic way of showing how easy it is to incorporate these magazine style rooms into your home....another great must be drawn to this style Sal....if it keeps catching your eye.....

  4. Love this room, especially the white round table with a black panton!



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