Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sex & The City/Moroccan inspired party!

So many friends are getting engaged at the moment i have engagement parties coming out of my ears! With my love of all things colourful & exotic interiors (.....& sex & the city!)  I thought itd be fun to have a moroccan inspired engagement party or a hens night!

Mix up some colourful cocktails & serve them in coloured glasses.

Hire a tent or even buy a 'cheapy' from Target or K-mart & pimp it out with coloured fabric, blankets, cushions or get yourself some moroccan pouf action from Table tonic! (eeeekkk Tiffany blue ones just arrived - heart palpitations!)

Next get a coloured umbrella & force some poor guy to hold it for you while you walk along the beach being sulky (ok that was just a stab at carrie)...kidding (kind of) dont sulk at your engagement party please ;)

Get to your local french patisserie & get a a hold of some colourful (& tasty ) macaroons! If your in Sydney you could head to Adriano Zumbo's Balmian patisserie & que up for an hour to get some! But ive tried them in a few little french type places around the traps & they are all just as good - my favorite flavour is pistachio! 

For this theme of party i also think persian fairy floss & Turkish delight would be great too. I love the Pariya range - beautiful packaging. 

Rose Petal Turkish Delight

Saffron Nougat

Pistachio Persian Fairy Floss!

yummo - right now who wants me to help plan their party?!
And to that 'engaged' friend (you know who you are!) who turned up at my place last week with the dvd of 'Muriels Wedding' for me... your a bitch!...but it was funny, ill give you that ;)


  1. In spite of being married for more years than I care to admit (because that would give my age away!!) I love this idea for a hen's night! I'll remember this for my birthday later this year - thanks Sal, will be stealing your idea! K xx

  2. Right, thats it, im having a party & your all invited!

  3. I'm coming for the persian (aka grown up) fairy floss!!!



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