Friday, July 30, 2010

The Blue Screen Of Death.....NOOOOOO

I have traumatising news...
5 mins after i got into the office today this happened..
I beleive this is whats commonly known as the windows 'blue screen of death'...
anything with a name like that cant be good.
also cant be good because not only are years worth of office drawings on that hard drive but so are all my blog folders & drawings, schedules & details for personal jobs i was working on...3/4 of which is not backed up....I am now sitting at the bosses desk (he's gone home) waiting for the call from the IT guy on weather anything from the hard drive is salvagable. stress. someone bring me a wine.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

project in the works....

A freind & i have a little project in the works.....
There will be items for sale.....
heres a clue! stay tuned!

Image: Ada & Darcy

Colour scheme obsession: blue & cream (& a touch of pink!)

Seriously obsessed with this colour scheme at the moment!!
Neutrals with pale blue & maybe a hint of pink = bliss!

Image: Secrets of domestic bliss
love the mirrors here too!!

Image: Decorpad via Elements at Home

This rug!!! I NEEEED it!
Anyone know what it is/where its from?

Image: Secrets of domestic bliss

I have actually been considering re-spraying my surfboard baby pink & hanging it in our house somewhere...(doesnt get as much ocean time as it used to!)

Image: Apartment therapy

And my all time fav;
Image: Lonny

why oh why did i buy a black lounge! 
maybe ill have to make some pale blue cushions for it...
or i would LOVE to get my hands on a pale blue rug with a geometric pattern through it...once again something there is likely an abundance of in America & none of in Australia - whats with that?!!!!
Does anyone know of a great pale blue rug?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Neutral Nursery's

Here is one for all my pregnant freinds that:
 a) like neutrals
b) are decorating before finding out the sex of their baby and
c) for my freind Dani who is scared of colour
..and no Dani, black is not a colour ;)

Plus creams & whites are so soothing & serene - perfect for a baby's room!

I love these french styled rooms!
The whole look is not only stylish & classic but practial too!

Image: Serena & Lily
Neutral perfection! That light & the poufs! agh!

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Black Dog Institute - a freind lost to suicide

Ok guys, now i know this is completely off the topic, but i know how amazingly supportive the blogging community is & I have a freind who i think could do with some!

This past January my freind Kate lost her partner to suicide after a long battle with depression.
I cant imagine what this must have been like for her & his family. There were some dark months for Kate but she didnt just turn into a total mess never to emerge again!
Kate is now volunteering for the Black dog Institute & will be doing the 9km Bridge run as part of the Sydney Running Festival to raise money for them. If you might like to make a donation no matter how small to get behind her here is the link.

Kates Run To Support the Black Dog Institute

You can read a bit more about Kate's story here in the article done by the local paper (its on page 9)

Anything will help towards preventing this happening to someone else & to shine a light on something that is sometimes ignored - lets not let this happen to anyone we know!
Id love for you to show Kate some of that blogging community support - I know she will appreciate it more than i can say!

X2 Resort Koh Samui

sooooo much better than a monday morning!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Scrumptious melamine coffee cups!

Have just come back from seeing my dental surgeon..ugh...another 4 rounds to go & more money than my car is probably worth...more ugh....I need to brighten up my morning! Saw this scrumptious display in my fav local (to my office) shop Accoutrement yesterday. At only $3.95 each I think i may need to purchase a few of these melamine cups to have my coffee from! Speaking of coffee i may be in serious need today after staying up till 2am watching the tour de france & then being at the dentist at 7am! ouch!
Baby pink takes my fancy i think! Or maybe yellow!
.....or maybe i should pay my dental bill before i think about shopping...booo!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Roast lamb with pistacio & petals

How good does this Roasted lamb with pisracio & petals look!
Saw it over on 'Sunday Suppers' - if you havent seen that site yet its a must...what are you waiting for - GO!

Would be the perfect dinner for this wintery Sydney weather i think!
Meat for the boys, prettiness for the girls - were all happy!

Update - get the look modern bohemiam

Was just admiring this image over on Belle Maison & realised it was the side veiw of my modern bohemian living room from Monday! So lets get a bit more of this look!

For the dining table look take one Ikea Liatorp table $429
And some black Panton chairs from Matt Blatt
($265 for the premium version or about $100 for the 'non premium one' )

Add some pale blue curtains & a chandleier...maybe something picked up at a garage sale or one of  these  from Beacon Lighting!

The Ballet $149 (my personal fav)

The Excel $299

The Bern $189

Add some hrdrangeas in a ginger jar to the table & were done!

P.S Dont forget to become a fan on the ONCE DAILY CHIC Facebook page! & feel free to suggest to your freinds by clicking the 'suggest to freinds' link (who would have thought!) under the picture on the left! I love seeing who's reading my daily bits & pieces on the blog so please do become a follwer or a facebook fan!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom....language warning....

excuse my french but i kinda agree! 
......its fun to do epic S#*T....scary but worth it!
I plan to do more.

Sex & The City/Moroccan inspired party!

So many friends are getting engaged at the moment i have engagement parties coming out of my ears! With my love of all things colourful & exotic interiors (.....& sex & the city!)  I thought itd be fun to have a moroccan inspired engagement party or a hens night!

Mix up some colourful cocktails & serve them in coloured glasses.

Hire a tent or even buy a 'cheapy' from Target or K-mart & pimp it out with coloured fabric, blankets, cushions or get yourself some moroccan pouf action from Table tonic! (eeeekkk Tiffany blue ones just arrived - heart palpitations!)

Next get a coloured umbrella & force some poor guy to hold it for you while you walk along the beach being sulky (ok that was just a stab at carrie)...kidding (kind of) dont sulk at your engagement party please ;)

Get to your local french patisserie & get a a hold of some colourful (& tasty ) macaroons! If your in Sydney you could head to Adriano Zumbo's Balmian patisserie & que up for an hour to get some! But ive tried them in a few little french type places around the traps & they are all just as good - my favorite flavour is pistachio! 

For this theme of party i also think persian fairy floss & Turkish delight would be great too. I love the Pariya range - beautiful packaging. 

Rose Petal Turkish Delight

Saffron Nougat

Pistachio Persian Fairy Floss!

yummo - right now who wants me to help plan their party?!
And to that 'engaged' friend (you know who you are!) who turned up at my place last week with the dvd of 'Muriels Wedding' for me... your a bitch!...but it was funny, ill give you that ;)


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