Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Nannas birthday table

Hi Guys, just popping in quickly!
About to have my Nanna over for dinner for her birthday!
When i was 4 my dad passed away and my mum & i lived with my grandparents for a few years. She is very special to me - i love to spoil her! Thought id share a piccy or 2 of the table before she gets here!


  1. That is so sweet Sal.So lovely that you have a wonderful relationship with your nanna:) Looks like someone is getting something from Peter Alexander. Lucky nanna xx

  2. So so gorgeous of you...Im sure your Nanna will feel very special indeed...hope you have a wonderful evening xo

  3. Happy Birthday Nanna! Looks beautiful my dear... I hope you all have a great night! x

  4. You are too too cute Sal! Your nanna will be tickled pink. Have a great night (-:



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