Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday night champagne & tipsy Etsy shopping ;)

So i went to a freinds house tonight to go through the house & bathroom plans i did for them (fun!). Being friday night we had a few champagnes (me) & wines (her) and a yum japanese dinner....
Then we got on etsy & had a small spree!
Woohoo :) you guessed what i bought right??

We both got one of these

and i also got this...
quite apt because im always wanting to plan a trip & just go 'somewhere'!

And my mate Lucy also bought this 
(which im a bit find of too, being someone who hates to be inside!)

You can find them all here at The Wheatfield
I could honestly buy the whole shop - gorgeous colours & illustrations & quotes
Cannot wait for them to arrive!!!!
ok, im going back to the tour de france now - nighty night 

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