Friday, July 23, 2010

Scrumptious melamine coffee cups!

Have just come back from seeing my dental surgeon..ugh...another 4 rounds to go & more money than my car is probably worth...more ugh....I need to brighten up my morning! Saw this scrumptious display in my fav local (to my office) shop Accoutrement yesterday. At only $3.95 each I think i may need to purchase a few of these melamine cups to have my coffee from! Speaking of coffee i may be in serious need today after staying up till 2am watching the tour de france & then being at the dentist at 7am! ouch!
Baby pink takes my fancy i think! Or maybe yellow!
.....or maybe i should pay my dental bill before i think about shopping...booo!
Happy Friday!


  1. I LOVE those cups!!! Such lovely happy colours. Hope all goes ok for you at the dentist and that all your visits are over soon. We stayed up late watching the Tour too but being in WA, we were able to head to bed a bit earlier :)

  2. Oh Sal, that dentist is putting a huge dent in your style requirements. I vote you buy at least 1 of those for your coffee now so you can look at it and remind yourself the dentist will be over very soon. Have a great weekend



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