Saturday, July 17, 2010

Room of the Week - Cabin Fever edition

So the dental surgery went well....after the initial trauma of them trying 5 different spot to get the canula in for the anesthetic.... feeling a bit groggy today but not really in any pain....only painful part is the fact that i have another 2 rounds to go & the bill! I cant drive till tomorrow & feel like im getting cabin fever stuck inside - im not known for my abilities to sit still for long! However speaking of cabins, if i had to be in a 'cabin' i could so see myself here!

Image: NZ House & Home
Theres not much NOT to love here!
I am particulary liking those uneven pendant lights, the dark yet natuaral colour scheme & those rafters!


  1. Be still my beating heart.....I love it...stunning and a little bit masculine...thankyou for that image.

  2. Oh you poor thing with the dentist - I hate needles at the dentist. Love the pic above :)



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