Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Ok, so the image i have as my blog header i had saved to my computer for moths after seeing it somewhere...I had no idea where it came from but i love it (obviously).
look what i just found while randomly trawling the intrawebs...
Praia Piquinia 27/08/09 15h17
by Christian Chaize ARTIST STATEMENT:

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes."

Five years ago, Portugal did present itself as a new landscape in my life - both literally and metaphorically. Since then, I have photographed exclusively along a very small stretch of its southern coastline. Returning to this specific place, I've sought out its nuances. In doing so, I have peeled back layers of how I see, and how I experience this magical environment.
The results of my slight obsession have evolved into two distinct series. Here are two images from Praia Piquinia, a body of work focusing on a singular, secluded beach front in which all of the pictures are taken from essentially the same elevated angle. What the still life was for Morandi, this beach is for me. From a distance, I observe the variables: light, weather, time of day, the ebb and flow of the ocean, and the sunbathers, unaware, below my large format camera. The images are shot vertically, a departure from the traditional, horizontal format in landscape photography. It puts my subject matter in the form of a portrait - an ongoing record of this ethereal yet playful nook in nature over the minutes, the days, the years. Ultimately, I try to instill an element of time within these captured moments... visceral time, elastic from one image to another. And always, I seek to have new eyes.

Praia Piquinia 27/08/09 15h17
by Christian Chaize
Edition of 50 each $500
45 remaining
Despite being totally broke i think i must buy it & have it framed for my apartment.
How could i not!..........


  1. too freaky sal!! surely they could give you a discount on the $500 as you have promoted it for them (-:



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