Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Monday, May 30, 2011


Detox. I need to do this! 
Not like a full on 'only drink lemon & water 'detox, but more eating less carbs, drinking less wine, eating less cheese & eating more fruit, veggies & water...& doing more exercise & getting fresh air! 
The last few weeks have been crazy at work, then crazy organising for our party (then a good hangover to go with that!). Bens brother & his wife surprised us by coming over from Seattle for our party which was awesome & meant a whirlwind week of late nights out & tonnes of good food & wine.....which has left me feeling a little depleted! So from today i have decided to go on an alcohol ban for 8 weeks (except for the night the tour de france starts where i'll allow myself a few red wines!), get bak into the hot yoga & generally try to control the 'naughty stuff' yes that means you carbs & cheese! I think the cold weather & being inside a lot can make you feel a bit 'blah' too! So now that ive put it out there ill hopefully stick to it....

Do you guys ever feel like this? Whats your strategy?? Any good books you've read? Here are a few piccies that inspire me to live & eat 'cleaner'.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enjoying the 'leftovers'

Im loving having these roses on my desk today from our party on saturday. They have lasted quite well considering we picked them up at the markets on friday! Its a nice change from the totally feral weather in Sydney today!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Entries & consoles - the obsession continues!

Like home offices/work spaces you may have noticed i have a thing for a great entry space/console table! I literally have hundreds of images of them in a folder on my computer so theres more where these came from!

For the Love of Gold via Table Tonic

Loving this one! So simple but effective!
Wonder how those orange tree's last inside though (go away practical thoughts!)
Via Pink Wallpaper

Sarah Tuttle

Via Brynn Alexandra

Via A Lifes Design

whoa! Now thats what i call an entry!
Via Cococozy

Via Milk & Honey Home

Via Decorpad

Via Decor Happy

Via House Of Turquiose

Via Little Green Notebook

Via Bright Bazaar


Kelly Green

Monday, May 23, 2011

Calligraphy stamps

Wow - Saturday night was a big one....i think i crawled into bed at about 5am! We had an amazing night & were so overwhelmed by all our gorgeous freinds & family & how totally spoilt we were!
Ill share some pics from the night when i get the piccies off my camera....right now i need some serious caffiene to get me through Monday! In the meantime how beautiful is calligraphy - and how cool is this - calligraphy stamps! Affordable & beautiful - i bought something similar last year & love stamping the back of mail i send out with it!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Markets

Im off bright & early to the flower markets today with my mum to pick up a whole bunch of flowers for our party tomorrow night! Its actually 5am as i write this (im NOT  a morning person!!) I did a reccie a few months back in this post....These are the images ill be channeling as i attempt to be awake enough to make decisions at 5:30am! Ill share what we came back with next week! I have to say the first two images i am just in love with - they really derseve their own post!

The Design Depot - PERFECTION! (the lanterns...ohhhh myyyy gosh!)
and you can hire all of this from them too! check out the link!

Ranunculas - a recent discovery

Anna Spiro

Luxe Events

The Shady Fig

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engagement party inspiration

Our Engagement party is on saturday night! Have to say im really quite excited! Only i think my choice of dress might be more suited to the middle of summer & not this freezing weather sydney is having at the moment - hopefully i dont turn into an ice block! here are a  few pictures from the inspiration folder......
haha not the sheep ;)

Style me pretty

Black & Spiro
Love the tub - my aunty has something similar which is actually a french antique & ive been lucky enough to be able to borrow it for the night!

Laura Hooper

La Boom

ooohhh eee im excited!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Floral & Colourful wedding dresses

Even though i am sometimes a bit out there i will say i went with the traditional colours for my wedding dress ...however...if had i been brave enough to go down this path, here are some of my favoutite coloured gowns that i think could make stunning wedding dresses!

Vera (like madonna only needs the first name)

Via Coco & Kelly

Kate Towers

Mila Kunis's Ellie Saab Oscars dress - stunning

Chic Colections
(ok i admit i did go looking at chic collections for this dress but no where to be seen!)

Rachel Gilbert

Emily blunt via Table Tonic

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Winter Bedroom Makeover

Image Via My Ideal Home

I love the cosy sophisticated look of this bedroom - a perfect look for winter & could be a simple makeover to do on your own room! Simply add crisp white linen (nice at any time of the year!) & a dark grey wool blanket to the end of your bed, black drapes with tassle tie backs to the windows & head to your local map shop & find a giant map of your favourite city to wallpaper the wall behind your bed with! Love the orchid too - always a fan - they last for ages & are beautiful to look at!


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