Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recommendations Please!

I feel the need to expand my reading & would love to hear of you favorite blogs! Looking to add to my blogroll & to find some new things to enjoy! Feel free to give yourself a plug too if you have a blog you think id like ;)
Fire Away!!

oh & here's nice picture just for the hell of it


    This one is one of my faves and she cracks me up......
    Oh and mine of course ;)

  2. I've just started a blog where I illustrate everything I own, would love it if you can swing by for a visit.

  3. I'm fickle, I play the field. Sarky witty blogs when I want dark humour, deep blogs for The Meaning of Life, design blogs for inspiration and chatty ones for company. See which is which...

    I can't BEAR the gushy ones, and the fashion ones go clean over my head.

  4. Note sure if you have checked out think you might like it though.



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