Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An award!

What a lovely way to end the week last week! 
I received the Sunshine Award from Elements at Home!
My first blog award! I think these are so cute, and really represent how supportive the whole blogging community is of each other!

With this award i am supposed to tell you 7 things you may not know about me...

1. I am a type one diabetic
(who has a terrible sweet tooth..ironic.)

2. I hate driving other people cars - as soon as i get in them i seem to forget how to drive! I think im worried ill crash?

3. I talk in my sleep. incoherantly aparently (thankgod!)

4. I am scared witless of rides. I went to disneyland a few years ago (as a 25yr old) and was in tears after going on a kids rollercoaster - how lame am i! Its really a fear of that falling sensation i anycase i am known in my family as 'the bag minder'. Also scared witless of flying which is a problem because i love to travel...have recently banned myself from watching air crash investigation & usually need a good 4 or 5 beverages on the plane before i stop gripping the arms of my seat.

5. I hate being inside or sitting still for too long!
Give me the great outdoors!
Love the surf, the snow, bush trails & fresh air!

6. I once creid in an episode of Baywatch.
(too amusing not to share!)
 Also cry in tv adds with old people.

7. Drinks of choice;
Skim Flat white with 2 sugars once daily.
Champagne or a margarita!

now have to pass it on!
hmmmm ok i pass the sunshine award onto some aussie ladies who have become my bf's (bloggy freinds!) They all inspire me, encourage me & make me laugh every day!


  1. Congratulations on the award Sal, and thanks for sharing those little snippets of your life. And thanks for passing this award on to me - I'm chuffed! Glad to have you as my bf! K xx

  2. Hi Sal .. thanks for the award .. too too sweet. Nice to have you as my bloggy friend (-:

  3. Congratulations on your award. It was great to read the 7 things about you. I never used to get scared on rides until I had my son, I am not sure why but everything changed. xx



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