Friday, July 30, 2010

The Blue Screen Of Death.....NOOOOOO

I have traumatising news...
5 mins after i got into the office today this happened..
I beleive this is whats commonly known as the windows 'blue screen of death'...
anything with a name like that cant be good.
also cant be good because not only are years worth of office drawings on that hard drive but so are all my blog folders & drawings, schedules & details for personal jobs i was working on...3/4 of which is not backed up....I am now sitting at the bosses desk (he's gone home) waiting for the call from the IT guy on weather anything from the hard drive is salvagable. stress. someone bring me a wine.


  1. Oh no!! I hope your IT man can wave his magic wand and sort it all out for you - I always stress over computer issues...

  2. OMG! Sally. Hope your IT guy can salvage all your files. I have been slightly concerned this could happen to our home computer, has been playing up alot. Suffice to say I am about to save everything I can squeeze onto a memory stick!! Good Luck hun x

  3. Fingers and toes are all crossed...good luck hun.....please give us an update when you know.

  4. Fingers crossed - my sons are programmers and assured me ALL CAN BE SAVED, so just believe that! (and open the bottle)



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