Monday, July 12, 2010

On Yer Bike!

The bike fetish continues....
(no thanks to my nightly tour de france watching) Allow me to chronicle the past month of my bike obsession....

Thanks to the Design Files for alerting me to this! 
(and i know a few people have posted on it lately too)
 Oh lordy lord i am having heart palpitations!

You can build your won 'vintage' bicycle & it is seriously well priced at around $560 including delivery!

Meanwhile im still watching this beauty on ebay

SO perfect for just going up to the shops & know...stuff!
After i just showed him the picture for the 18th time the other half just asked "so will it live in the garage with my bikes??" (Yes, with his 4 bikes!) and i said "no! in the living room!"...and he says you just want it to look at like a piece of! so?!

And the latest in the chronicles of 'i want a vintage bike';
Sydney's Clarence Street Cyclery have just opened a womens only store & has some 'urban' bikes made by 'serious' bike maker Gary Fischer! Check em out - pretty special!

Gary Fischer Ladies Simple City 3 $899 (just needs a basket!)

And the mens (not so pretty) version 
Gary Fischer Simple City 8 $1299

last but not least.  Melbourne company The Humble Vintage Bike Co. where you can hire vintage bikes & do tours of the city! Cute idea!


  1. Oh Sal I completely understand your obession! That bike on ebay is pretty gorgeous- how can you not want it as art? :) I asked my brother if I could ride the Papillionair around Cambodia when I go (I thought I would look very chic) and he laughed- then I asked if I could ride with them on the weekends and he goes not without gears! :) Oh well it might just be you and I in Centinnial one Sunday looking very chic. xox

  2. Those bikes are FAB! Thanks for the post, have already enquired about shipping to NZ, and if they do, my beauty will indeed be living in the lounge:)Hubbys ugly blue racing machine can stay under the house naturally........



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