Thursday, July 1, 2010

Le Tour!

In my household July is 'kind of a big deal'...
Its Tour de France time!

Even before the other half was a nutty cyclist we both got into watching the tour - now our apartment is full of bikes & july involves staying up all night watching it, getting really into all the tactics & teams etc and a lot of coffee to get through work the next day!
Our goldfish are even named Frank & Andy after the Schleck brothers! lol. 
The tour is also fab for amazing european scenery, le taste of le tour (good old gabriel gate!) and girls lets not forget a few hotties in lycra - i recommend keeping an eye out for Fabian Cancellara who rides for Saxo Bank. Oh & lets not forget Lance!

Heres Lance out for a jog with Matthew Mcconaughey...
not bad eh?!
So last year we started a tradition - on the first night of the tour we stay in & cook french food for dinner & then settle in for the first night of action. Last year we had an amazing soft french cheese, made Casssoluet for dinner & creme brulee for dessert.
So im planning the meal for this sunday night....
Maybe ill try this receipie from Gourmet Traveller for Beef Bourguignon;

Does anyone have any suggestions for a dessert or a great cheese to start with??


  1. Can't believe there is another nut out there like me who stays up hours watching men ride bikes. It is just sooo addictive and yes, the scenery is stunning. I loved it last year when some guy was waaaayyyyy up on the hill and was zooming down (he was on his first 'tour' so I kind of felt sorry for him) and then OOPS he went over the edge of the mountain. Bike went tumbling and the helicopter hovered over him showing him holding on for dear life. (sorry, long reply .. will leave now)

  2. Well Sal, as a fellow mad sports watcher, I can understand the addiction. Sorry but I can't go past creme brulee for dessert, as it's my all-time favourite, but I'm sure it won't matter what you choose, you'll have a great time regardless! I prescribe lots of matchsticks to keep those peepers open over the next few weeks! K xx

  3. Try a choc jaffa Souffle....mmmm
    Not mad about cycling...I get puffed just watching;)
    But I could watch guys with 6 packs exercising anytime.
    Have fun.

  4. not sure if you can find this... st agur cheese and i have many more if you would like... you can never have too much cheese... and yummy olives, crackers, fruit... so much fun to munch on as you watch...

    have a wonderful weekend... xoxo pam

  5. oh thanks for the suggestion pam...although as im imagining devouring that cheese...and some also thinking abot that girls bikini clad rear end from your blog earlier in the week! :)
    sal x

  6. Hey sal, audrey here!
    What a cute tradition, not a huge tour fan myself but sounds lovely. Tarte tatin is absolutely delicious or even crepes if you want to go nice & simple!
    Bon appétit! x



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