Friday, July 2, 2010

Bali Bliss

The Anaya Resort & Spa, Bali

This place has just been added to my must visit resorts!
This pool is pure heaven!
Lucky for us aussies Bali is only a fairly short/cheap flight away!
.......might need the savings on the airfares to be able to stay here ;)

Rock Bar - can SO see myself here with a cocktail!

One bedroom villa & its private pool

Two bedroom villa

Or have your own house to yourself
how great would this be for a wedding!


  1. Wow - this looks amazing!! I love how that pool looks out over the ocean. I can imagine sitting there, cocktail in hand soaking everything in :)

  2. Stunning! Matt and I are thinking about going to Bali for a long w/e next month :) He has been at least 10 times and me, never!

    AND would you believe flight prices from KL start from a measly $52! I know!

    Happy Friday Sal! x

  3. Sooo nice!!! Hubby goes every year for surfing maybe I will tag along next time and stay here;)

  4. Soooo good! This place looks heavenly!

  5. Nice post, just what we need to warm us up. I could handle being there right now instead of sitting here with all my layers on trying to be warm! Enjoy the weekend.

  6. I stayed at Ayana for a week in June 2010. It was amazing and both the cliff-side pool and the uber chic Rock Bar are divine. The wedding ceremony was in one of Ayana's 2 chapels, the reception was held in the massive private villa and the after party was at The Rock Bar (accessed by an inclination down the cliff face) Tres rock star affair darling! The staff and service there was absolutely incredible and the toiletries are pretty cool too - mid size L'Occitane everything! ;)



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