Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Palm Beach + Greg Natale = Bliss

Today i thought id share with you the work of one of my favorite local interior designers Greg Natale. The house is located at Sydney's Palm Beach & the colour palette is just gorgeous! My favorite features would have to be the pale blue egg chair & the retro style fireplace.
Enjoy x

And you know what the best part of it all is?!
You can rent this place as a holiday house!
(and pretend its yours if only just for a week!)


  1. I love this house Sal - just gorgeous! And how could you go wrong with a location like this? As far as I'm concerned, anything at Palm Beach would be my perfect holiday house! K xx

  2. Definitely book some time there! I love Contemporary Hotels, Beach Houses and Villas. Terry has amazing taste and style and she is guaranteed to make your stay amazing. She also happens to be an absolute sweetie! You stay there, I'll take rockridge and we can do dinner on the deck! :) xox

    P.S get in now while she has a winter special on!

  3. What a lovely house. The decor is so casual and relaxing yet very stylish! It would be wonderful to holiday here. xx



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