Friday, April 23, 2010

~ Sian & Shane tie the knot ~

On the topic of my talented friends & their weddings.....
(me, im still a muriel for now lol)
My friend Sian married her long time love Shane in the NSW southern highlands in a fantastic country weekend wedding in late March - it was one of the best weddings ive been to; i havent had that much fun for a very long time! Beautiful afternoon ceremony under a huge tree, fabulous dinner & then danced into the early hours of the morning to the sounds of a guy belting out tunes on a grand piano.....then laughed till we cried looking at the photos the next morning!

Not only did Sian remain calm throught the whole process, but she designed & hand painted all the stationary for the wedding (she's a graphic designer by trade!) - the whole thing was so well thought out & gorgeous!
Here are some of my photos.

The stunning stationary which Sian designed & hand painted all the graphics for!
The location of the beautiful afternoon ceremony
Thoughful touches like a bucket full of cream & white wool wraps for those of us who were a bit chilly!
The simple white chairs looked beautiful against the lush green grass & trees and the aisle was lined with lavender bushes in terracotta pots.
Sian & Shanes dog Leroy Brown (yep thats his name!) also got to come along & had his own little tux!
The stuuning bride & her dad.
Sians delicate layered dress was simply beautiful with the brooch & earrings were from an antique dealer in New York!

The afternnon ceremony was so beautiful - under a huge tree & the sun was shining through the tree giving off a dappled light - stunning!

How cool is the 'cheese cake' - sians mum sourced all the wheels of cheese which were then made into cheese plates which we devoured while dancing to the piano man!

The gorgeous round bridal table distinguished it from the others which were all long tables - the dining room had a great warm feeling to it with pendant lighting, floor lamps, floor to ceiling sheers & bentwood chairs.

The stunning flowers were all shades of green, white & a touch of pink
they included hydrageas, dahlias & figs!
The setting kept with the 'rustic glam' country theme with the table runners made from hessian bags which (of course!) Sian made herself! Different sized candles and flowers in all kinds of vessels ran down each table!

Sian also handpainted one of these wedding tree's - it was a bare tree & we all added the leaves with fingerprints in differnt green inks & signed them! I have seen these you can buy on Etsy but sian made her own...i know who'll ill be asking to make one for me one day ;)
They had the entire  Peppers Manor House near Bowral so it felt like a big country wedding at a gorgeous estate!
Not to mention the benifits of having your room only meters from the dance floor ;)

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  1. Wow what an amazing looking weeding! i had no idea Sian was so clever!! fabulous, love it.



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