Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday Wisdom

Some more of what i prepared earlier...

Inspird by the freezing weather (its 2 degrees outside my house in sydney!) i thought id share another of something my boss & i (we are a one man, one woman show!) have created in the past 2 years! Ok now this job turns me green with envy myself! 
Site visits were pure torture knowing someone got to live here
(& that it wasnt me!)
Perched on a cliffside overlooking Sydneys Shelly Beach (Manly) and for those of you who dont know it, it is total bliss!


Huge pivoting front door


Kitchen - we put in 2 dishwashers as our clients like to entertain!

Living with gas fireplace & LCD tv recessed over it.
The central 'rug' is actually a peice of custom made carpet set into the spotted gum floorboards.

Stairs - floating design off the walls & recessed handrail with led lighting.

Best laundry ever...(if i do say so myself!)

Main bathroom

Main bedroom ensuite - has a 2.5m frosted glass sliding panel door.

Shower & bath...and the best bathtub view in sydney!

View from the master bedroom (looking down Sydneys northern beaches)

Terrace off living/dining/kitchen over looking Shelly beach

Wet edge infinity pool - Bisazza tiles in a hue to match the ocean beyond on a sunny day! We had originally designed it with the front of the pool being glass but it was going to be an engineering nightmare! Anyone else feel like diving in?!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Room of the week

god DAMN this is a good room!
(pretty sure i found her in Lonny)

8 weeks to go!

8 weeks to go till this!!!!!

Matamanoa Island Fiji
I wonder if there's any chance of looking like this ....
Image via Red Ticking

Or this.

or this...
(ok, i have the hair - thats a start!!)

or this before then???

probably not.
just pray that mother nature doesnt give us the cyclone from our last trip as discussed in this post!

Monday, June 28, 2010

home office.

Im having another one of those moments where i wish i had a second room/home office...heck even a spare cupboard i could turn into this would do! Ahh the joys of unaffordable Sydney real estate; read unless i get a second or perhaps 3rd job there will be no second bedrooms or office cupboards ;)

My future cupboard/office ;)
(i feel a trip to kikik coming on!)

Fellow blogger Alison from Mademoiselle Frou Frou's Desk
(its the peonies that do it for me!)

Fashion designer Alice Temperlys space via A Diary Of Lovely
(Ill take the rug thanks!)

Heather Bailys Studio

Inspired Interiors Audthor Suzanne Kaslers office!
love - the big window, the pendant, the central table & the ottoman...just needs a bit of colour!

Liking this arrangment of stools around the table - a great meeting area! The library behind's ok too ;)
Oh & the lantern!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

home alone...

So - my other half is a policeman. Which means due to shift work i get a lot of 'alone time'. Which sadly enough i seriously enjoy - theres nothing wrong with enjoying your own company right??
Anyway -  i get alot done on these nights & can actually watch what i want on tv/dont have to listen to the irritating sound of xbox games!
Tonight that happens to be sorting through 5 years of interiors magazines that i have no room for in our little apartment! 
I keep them for a year & then tear out the stuff i like & file it in huge folders that live in the laundry cupboard! When i (or a friend/client) needs some inspiration i pull out the folders!

Here is the current scene on the dining table....

While sorting i came across this delectable scene...
I think im in love. 
I must find this light & hang it over my kitchen island.
ooohh the shiny copper goodness is too yum!
(wonder of it'd go discolored like copper saucepans though?)

A damn good entry (and entry to the weekend)

Weekend off to a great start - yummiest italian meal & champagne to celebrate 'the speech' with the man & his parents last night, sleep in & now blogs with a coffee, toast & yummo blood orange marmalade from Frateli Fresh. Whoop.

Anyway. Just saw this image again.
pure entryway perfection wouldn't you agree??
The great table, the glass bell jar, the perfect framed art wall, the orchid. Um the HERMES boxes.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Beautiful flowers & speech over = a happy friday!

Well i survived my speech! It was quite cool actually (i say this after i have done it!). Cant say ive ever spoken to 950 or so people before! Great to chat with all the girls after it who were all very cute & trying to be super polite ;) The school gave me the most beautiful flowers so thought id share - they smell divine too! Thanks so much for all the nice advice & good luck messages, was very encouraging!
Happy Friday
Sal x

what to do with my cane swing chair....?

Ok im off to do my speech - aaahh wish me luck! Still didn't stop me from jumping on here to do a post! Not going to break my morning routine!
I have mentioned before i have a fab retro cane hanging chair in storage but alas no room in my little apartment for it. I would LOVE to hang it from the ceiling somewhere but i really cant find a spot...unless i remove our dining table....or the tv (dont think thats go down to well with the man freind!)

Image: Casa Suga Via Table Tonic
(and can i please have this artwork too?)

Looking gorg in the garden - i think in reality the cane may not last outside too well though...

Wow. when i have a giant space i might buy a freind for my chair & hang them both!

Or i could take a cue from Jonathan Adler & paint it white....
(i just had a funny image in my head of getting stuck into that bar & swinging gleefully on the chair lol)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off Topic.....a little something about me..

So, today i am getting seriously nervous about the fact that this time tomorrow ill be talking in-front of over 900 people about what i did on my last holiday! Let me explain.

Seeing as i feel like i kinda know you guys now i thought id share a bit of something personal about me.

Ive had type one diabetes since i was 10. 3 years ago after around 22,000 injections i decided to start using an insulin pump which is a small mobile phone sized device that is attached to me 24/7 via a tube & a canula giving me continuous insulin - a bit like having an external pancreas (cause mine aint workin!) This has seriously improved my health & long term future. However it was a big decision, really hard to get used to the creepy idea of having the tube attached to me & at $8000 they are unaffordable to many people. 
Last year, i organised a group of 11 people to do the 21 day trek to Mount Everest Base camp in Nepal. We raised $40,000 and had a grants program set up to provide financial help for other young diabetics to enjoy the same quality of health i now do. 

The trek was incredible...and also incredibly hard! A life changing experience! Thought id share a few of my photos with you. 

A holy man in Kathmandu

Beautiful flowers on the side of the road

The world heritage site - Bodhanath Stupa

Prayer Flags at Bodhanath Stupa

On the trail

Getting into camp at around 5400m in altitude ( this is my other half by the way!) We all decided this site was the coldest & worst location on earth for a honeymoon ;)

Scenery didnt look real it was so amazing!
With one of our sherpas at the top of Kalapathar at 5644m in altitude - the highest point on the 21 day trek!! Couldn't have made it without him! And how cool are his hot pink 80's glasses!

This was a spectacular site to have looming over you!

We made it! I must admit i was feeling quite sorry for myself at this point! A very tough day!

Love this picture - our group setting out in the morning on the way back down. Feeling very happy with more oxygen at every step!

So there you go!
Im in the process of trying to work out what pictures to frame for a gallery style wall we have in the entrance to our apartment - id love to hear what photos you vote should make the cut!
Ive got 3000 photos from the trip so just say the word if you want to see more!
Oh & the speech - my old school invited me back to be guest speaker about the challenges of it all...and there will be 900 students + guests...yyyiiikes! Wish me luck, i work in a 2 person office, have never spoken infront of that many people in my life!
sal x

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wednesday Love (Wisdom)

We all need to be reminded of this from time to time .


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