Monday, May 31, 2010

Skate & Cake

How cool is this couple! Carrie & Pat.
They Live in Hawaii but got married in California so when they got back they had a 'Skate & Cake' party when they got back to celebrate with all their local freinds that couldnt make the wedding! Very cool! And i love the pops of pink in the photos!

I love the bottom photo - the colours are great - i hope they have this hanging on their walls at home!

See the full story at Green Wedding Shoes
All images from Green Wedding Shoes

Friday, May 28, 2010

Sex & The City Set Design!!!

Are we excited ladies!!!!
Only a few days now till we can get our fix of SATC!
Im flat out today so no time to copy all the piccies myself but Elle Decor has done a great article on the set design & interiors for the new movie!

oh ok, i had time for one image - Carrie & Big's living room.... now off you go to Elle for the rest!
Stay tuned - im off to see the movie on wed night so ill do a few SATC inspired interior posts next week!

Riding into the, the mud.

I am still pining after a nice vintage style bike!
My ideas of a bike are a bit like these images...

Where as my other half's ideas are a bit more serious.... think staying up till 4am every night in july watching the tour de france...ok i do a bit of that too but am usually asleep by midnight!

Which means we have a nice collection of just as serious serious bikes around the house  (maybe i could display them like these??)

Somehow i ended up with a fairly expensive mountain bike that has barely been used...My mountain biking career never really took off... Im too much of a scardy cat! This weekend however we are off to Canberra for a 100km mountain bike race. The man is racing & i am spectating ;)  Usually looks a bit like this;
Although with the weather in Sydney & Canberra this week & the forcast for the weekend it may turn out more like this...
lets hope not!

Happy Weekend ;)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Real Living inspirations

Here are 2 more images that ive spied in Real Living magazine lately that have inspired me!
Particulary with our tiny dining space (read squished between the back of the lounge & the kitchen island in a bout a 2m x 2.5m gap space!). We ended up buying a white tulip table & white panton chairs. We now need a sidebaord for storage & to hide the 'clutter'.....
Im loving the look in this picture on the left of the white chairs against the rustic timber sideboard.
This look has got me quite inspired! I have been trawling ebay for a sideboard & found a great one at Stone Pony in Sydney that i showed in this post.

Now this picture really got me thinking....maybe the wishbone chairs would have looked better with the white table....or a timber table with my white chairs.......oh indecision! Basically i think these two photos show how a bit of rustic + a bit of modern can look fantastic together! Or how good light timbers + white look together!

Image - Beacon Lighting
Oh & of course, in my opinion a kitchen or dining area just isnt complete without a pendant light or 3!
These are one of my (affordable) fav's (from Beacon Lighting), the Tama drum pendant. Love that solid timber bench& the stone clad collumns too! This would be a great casual dining table dont you think?? I can just see myself sitting up here with a coffee & my breaky!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nice dress SJP!

Loving SJP's Sex & The City 2 premiere dress! Hot!
So excited for 2 weeks time when this comes out!

The world is your oyster

Maybe its because i love travelling & i associate world maps & globes with impending adventures... but in any case i cant get enough of them! I think they are a winning artwork & one of my favoirte things in my house is my grandfathers antique world globe....

Via Elle Decor....and omg this room is TO DIE FOR!
White pallete, a huge map, a colelction of globes, colourful cushions...whats not to love!

Now that i have one i love i might start a collection i think!

Real Living Magazine
(finding somewhere for them to live will be the issue)

Via Green Wedding Shoes

Wall mural love!!!
oohh love the collection of starburst mirrors here too!

Sectrets of Domestic Bliss
Now heres an idea...i do have a blank wall in the laundry...

I think kids rooms are the perfect spot for a world map mural!
They can plan all their adventures! Get some pins out & mark where they want to go & have been!

Now this is a cute idea!
A couple of maps from your trips + a few Ikea Ribba frames & bingo!

Pure Style Home
The colours here are beautiful...

Im also totally Loving these maps/artworks below from

The Aqua one is so kitch & fun!

And the black one is super chic & stylish!
I have definatly added one of these to my wishlist :)

Monday, May 24, 2010

An Etsy Find!

Happy Monday all! Loving these prints!
When i saw this one i had to have a laugh & thought it'd be perfect for my nanna who introduced me to g & t's...(at a age before i was allowed to be enjoying g & t's!) ....she's been handed lemons at the moment herself,  in hospital getting a new knee...maybe i should get it for her...
All piced at $19 USD
Vist the etsy shop Dear Colleen to check em out!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Estate PORN!!!!

ok, so today is another 'more than once daily chic' kinda day....
I have to give full credit to Louise over at Table Tonic for alerting me to this piece of pure real estate porn!
139 Carabella St Kirribilli! A ten min drive from my office!...hmm, that would be conveniant if i could scrape together around $1.8mil lol.......enjoy my day dreaming

Id add a full length sheer to that window, a different lounge & some arm chairs...and a rug...and some art.

my own bed would look quite good in here...tick!

The second bedroom...this would be my home office.
Full length custom joinery to the wall, a drum pendant, a great chair, maybe a little wall mounted tv to watch the lifestyle channel on while woking & a huge pot with a frangipani tree on the balcony.

hmmmm not sure if the claw bath suits this bathroom???
Id prob put a more modern freestanding bath in - like the one in my last post! The missoni towels can stay!
wow...loving this kitchen!
Great island, lots of storage, so light & airy & great lights!

and awesome sideboard!
id grow some herbs on that balcony

nice work with the pink chairs there but i think id make the frames white
(wow im so full of helpful tips lol)


I have to agree with Louise here - very Anna Spiro looking! back to reality....
Infact my parents are looking for a place & despite this being totally out of their price range my mum & i might just have to drop in at the open for inspection for this one on saturday to have a sticky beak! hehe
have a great weekend!


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