Friday, June 25, 2010

what to do with my cane swing chair....?

Ok im off to do my speech - aaahh wish me luck! Still didn't stop me from jumping on here to do a post! Not going to break my morning routine!
I have mentioned before i have a fab retro cane hanging chair in storage but alas no room in my little apartment for it. I would LOVE to hang it from the ceiling somewhere but i really cant find a spot...unless i remove our dining table....or the tv (dont think thats go down to well with the man freind!)

Image: Casa Suga Via Table Tonic
(and can i please have this artwork too?)

Looking gorg in the garden - i think in reality the cane may not last outside too well though...

Wow. when i have a giant space i might buy a freind for my chair & hang them both!

Or i could take a cue from Jonathan Adler & paint it white....
(i just had a funny image in my head of getting stuck into that bar & swinging gleefully on the chair lol)


  1. Ooh, I vote for the first pic - and that artwork is divine! Best of luck with your speech today, knock 'em dead! K xx

  2. Here's hoping that you've had a great time with the speech-making and are now enjoying a treat to celebrate.
    I'll go the best of 3 with you, let's say 'scissors, paper, rock', for the artwork in the first pic.
    Have a great weekend,


  3. Good luck today! I love the garden shot and that artwork is pretty cool too. :-)



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