Monday, June 28, 2010

home office.

Im having another one of those moments where i wish i had a second room/home office...heck even a spare cupboard i could turn into this would do! Ahh the joys of unaffordable Sydney real estate; read unless i get a second or perhaps 3rd job there will be no second bedrooms or office cupboards ;)

My future cupboard/office ;)
(i feel a trip to kikik coming on!)

Fellow blogger Alison from Mademoiselle Frou Frou's Desk
(its the peonies that do it for me!)

Fashion designer Alice Temperlys space via A Diary Of Lovely
(Ill take the rug thanks!)

Heather Bailys Studio

Inspired Interiors Audthor Suzanne Kaslers office!
love - the big window, the pendant, the central table & the ottoman...just needs a bit of colour!

Liking this arrangment of stools around the table - a great meeting area! The library behind's ok too ;)
Oh & the lantern!


  1. I hear ya! We share the same dream....and sad reality ; ) x

  2. Your office images are delightful! I love the idea of an office in a cupboard! You never know one day....... xx

  3. Oh my goodness tell me about it! Space is so hard to come by in Sydney.

    Actually I'd really like to know who's owning all the macMansions everywhere as there really are quite a few around!! ;-)

  4. Love the splashes of pink with the boxes and that divine rug. Last pic is gorgeous.xx

  5. I love the first and second one! =) My recent plans of moving to sydney (coz I'm here on holiday now) have kept me busy flat hunting... and a second room is really essential- yet freakishly expensive. I too am considering making a walk-in closet an office. LOL.



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