Friday, June 4, 2010

Matt Gibson Architecture

When i discovered this Melbourne architect last week i got the architectural warm fuzzies!
I have to thank a freind who saw his work in a melbourne paper, and kindly went to the effort of scanning them & emailing them to me! Thanks Lisa ( i think she had the fuzzies too)!
And what a find! I am so inspied by his work!
i love the raised kitchen & its galley/bar style. That bookshelf is one of the best ive seen for a while too! The kitchen/bookshelf element is like a cube of its own dropped into the space - amazing!
more wow. Mirrored kitchen island AND courtyard wall.
FYI mirrors make a space look twice as big - the mirrored courtyard wall is genius...although i bet whoever has to clean it isn't thanking the genius who put it there :)

When i grow up can i have that tree in my courtyard? thanks.

A common design feature i have noticed across his work is extending the interior elements outside to elongate the space. Notice how in both the above pictures the low line cabinet extends outside to become a bench seat. On both there is a glass panel that the bi fold doors butt up to.

Internal courtyard off the bathroom gives it a real resort feel. 
A textural stone wall uplit & the sculptural planting is simple but so effective!

Another inside/out + glass panel.
I also love the use of lighting here up-lighting the walls behind this element - lighting is SO important! The stone clad fireplace breast adds a beautiful subtle texture to the neutral colour scheme.

And here are the pictures my lovely friend scanned for me!
The last one has some of his tips for creating the illusion of space with mirrors....

Want more??? ( i know you do!)



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