Thursday, June 10, 2010

Awesome Kids Rooms!

Heres another one for my hoard of preggas freinds!
(im starting to loose count of you all!)

omg so pretty! Any little girl would go nuts over this room!

Image: Traditional Home Magazine via Driftwood Interiors

Image: Elle Decor!
Cute! The area under the bed could be a great desk area!

Image: Coastal Living

Image Via: Style at Home
Beautiful serene colours!

Love those pom i know this is a fellow bloggers nursery but cant remember where i found it!
If its yours (or you know who it is) please let me know so i can credit it to you!

Image: My Life my Loves via Complete Pad
A boys & girls shared room - now that is a tricky one to decorate!

Image: Style at home via Made By Girl
LOVE the wallpaper & the beds!


  1. ohh they are good - how sweet do your pompoms look used in the kids rooms - i reckon polkka dot ones would be very cute and so easy and cheap to make. (thanks for the previous instructions0

  2. Kids' rooms are so much fun - if only my guys were a bit younger, and would stop having an opinion about how their rooms should look! Although, my 14 year-old is in love with the aqua/pink room I posted about the other day. In spite of a very recent room makeover (at her request I might add), she now thinks she'd like to have her room just like the one in the picture. Can you tell she's planning on studying interior design? K xx

  3. Hi Sally,
    Found your blog through Kerri..and am glad I did.
    Just fabulous..we have very similar taste when it comes to decor..and a love for eclectic pieces.
    You have a great eye for style thats for sure :) x

  4. Hi Anna!
    Nice to 'meet' you - i check out your blog all the time! Glad youve found mine! Yes, ecclectic is the best way to describe my style...mainly because i can never decide on one style! A bit of everything!
    sal x

  5. Hi there Sal. I'm not sure how your blog escaped my "great blog radar" but I'm so glad Kerri pointed me in your direction! Great blog!!
    My daughter's room is going nautical as soon as she's away at camp next term so I'm loving these pictures.
    I'm now following you:o)

  6. These are all such great rooms to use as inspirations. I actually have a couple of these in my files. Great minds think alike, Kathysue

  7. Hi Sal, Kerri from A Tranquil Townhouse sent me over here and I am so glad that I came! You have a lovely blog and I will be your newest follower! xx

  8. Hi everyone!
    Wow - a whole new bunch of 'blog' freinds! Thanks Kerri for sending everyone my way!

    Sal x

  9. love this round-up of kids rooms! and great blog :) sent over here by Kerri! xoxo - julie



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