Tuesday, June 1, 2010


So lately in blog world we all seem to be in love with these chunky stainless steel industrial pendant lights!
Im no exception - this kitchen below is my DREAM kitchen!
The lights, the chairs, the wall of plates...OMG!

Anyhow back to what i was getting at!
Kerri over at Driftwood Interiors was just lamenting that she couldnt find any affordable ones for her kitchen reno....Last week i was looking for a light for a client & i found this!
Its only $195 & from an australian company! It wont let me copy this picture so you'll just have to go look for yourself!
Another (more pricey) option for my Australian readers is Coco Republic - hey have amaaaazing ones...but then again isnt everything in there amaaaazing?


  1. Superstar Sal is your new name! Great find, thanks so much for the heads up. And I could spend a bazillion dollars every time I set foot inside Coco Republic...their whole range is to die for. K xx

  2. Thanks so much for this post. I've been looking for pendants for my living room and now I've seen a few that I like. Of course the one I like best is a gazillion dollars, but I think I've found some affordable ones here. What Kerri with an i said!!

  3. That table in that kitchen is really long. I can't get over how long it is.



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