Saturday, June 26, 2010

A damn good entry (and entry to the weekend)

Weekend off to a great start - yummiest italian meal & champagne to celebrate 'the speech' with the man & his parents last night, sleep in & now blogs with a coffee, toast & yummo blood orange marmalade from Frateli Fresh. Whoop.

Anyway. Just saw this image again.
pure entryway perfection wouldn't you agree??
The great table, the glass bell jar, the perfect framed art wall, the orchid. Um the HERMES boxes.


  1. gee sal, it'slike you posted that just for me. exact proportions of my new entry, boards running same way + leading into living. can't say I like all the elements in the pic .. but gave me great inspiration to fit out the same. thanks!!

  2. morning linda :)
    yeah i agree - i would probably put personal or travel photos in the frames & maybe different stuff on the table (like one of my globes!) but the composition is nice isn't it!

  3. I have this pic saved too! We definately have similar taste. They must be the most expensive orange boxes ever! Sounds like you're having a lovely morning. Glad your speech went well xx

  4. lovely... and i am alllll over the blood orange marmalade....
    have a wonderful weekend xx pam

  5. Honestly, you could put a big old stack of Hermes boxes in the loo and it would look fabulous...



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