Friday, June 11, 2010

no chocolate brownie for me!

As we go into our long weekend here in Australia which usually involves lots of over eating for me ill just think of this image.... no choc brownies for me! Thankyou for the reminder Victorias Secret!
Plus those curtains are divine!

Image: Victorias Secret via A punch of colour


  1. I am so sick of those Victoria's Secret people using pics of me without my permission - looks like I'm going to have to set my lawyers onto them again! AOh, and are you sure you won't be eating brownies - I hear they're good when made in a Kitchenaid!! K xx

  2. Oops, note to self - learn to spell 'oh'! x

  3. It is the long weekend.... have the brownie! Think of all the good work you have done this week- don't you deserve a reward? :) Enjoy your weekend Sal. 3 days woohoo! xox

  4. Oh that pic is heaven Sal! Love.
    Have a super long weekend.

  5. Love this picture too. Yellow always makes me smile. Happy long weekend everyone! x



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