Friday, June 11, 2010

A little peek at my abode x

So i don't think ive actually posted any pictures of my own home on here! Probably because my one bedroom apartment doesn't seem near as exciting as all the other amazing homes that are out there - but it is my home & i love it - slowly over the past 18 months we have been adding to it & making it 'ours'. I bought some gorgeous roses for a steal today & thought i'd take some photos of them & had a play with the camera so thought why not,  i'll share some photos of my little abode - enjoy x

The roses on our tulip dining table 
(vase from country road - love the shapes of their glassware)
Our new timber sideboard - the ebay bargain ;) On it is my Kartell Bourgie Lamp (a 25th Birthday present), our fish Frank & Andy - named after the schleck brothers for any of you that are cycling fans ;)  The sideboard is also my 'office' there is my computer at the end! 

Love my cookbooks & my moroccan coffee table 

Our little dining 'room' - sorry obviously i need to brush up my photographic skills - its a bit blurry!


  1. I love your mix of goodies in your apartment. Great backdrop print to your roses and my fave is your driftwood lamp.
    Thanks for sharing and for the record I think your apartment is exciting...its funny how you view your own surroundings and how others see it so differently. Its very cool.

  2. Thankyou ;) thats so nice of you to say so x
    maybe ill do a little mini home tour & ill take some more pics around the place of all my little bits & pieces. The big black & white print is actually from ikea! We got it just after we had come back from new york a few years ago (god i love nyc!)
    sal x

  3. It may be small but boy there's lots to love in your apartment. I especially love the coffee table and the lamp in the background of that shot. Very cool.

  4. LOVE your piccies Sal. Your home looks comfy, trendy, stylish and just perfect! Love your 2 lamps and the big Ikea background pic. Stunning. Have a great week (-:

  5. so in love with the driftwood lamp! (well and the rest of it as well) looks great. :)

  6. Love your dining table and chairs! Those yellow roses look so pretty x

  7. you're place is totally cute! love your moroccan table, lamp....some great pieces!

  8. whoops! i meant 'YOUR place...'

  9. Littler corners can really illuminate the room and make you want to stay more in it.The small light that warm the room and give it a pleasant welcome.



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