Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Some more of what i prepared earlier...

Inspird by the freezing weather (its 2 degrees outside my house in sydney!) i thought id share another of something my boss & i (we are a one man, one woman show!) have created in the past 2 years! Ok now this job turns me green with envy myself! 
Site visits were pure torture knowing someone got to live here
(& that it wasnt me!)
Perched on a cliffside overlooking Sydneys Shelly Beach (Manly) and for those of you who dont know it, it is total bliss!


Huge pivoting front door


Kitchen - we put in 2 dishwashers as our clients like to entertain!

Living with gas fireplace & LCD tv recessed over it.
The central 'rug' is actually a peice of custom made carpet set into the spotted gum floorboards.

Stairs - floating design off the walls & recessed handrail with led lighting.

Best laundry ever...(if i do say so myself!)

Main bathroom

Main bedroom ensuite - has a 2.5m frosted glass sliding panel door.

Shower & bath...and the best bathtub view in sydney!

View from the master bedroom (looking down Sydneys northern beaches)

Terrace off living/dining/kitchen over looking Shelly beach

Wet edge infinity pool - Bisazza tiles in a hue to match the ocean beyond on a sunny day! We had originally designed it with the front of the pool being glass but it was going to be an engineering nightmare! Anyone else feel like diving in?!


  1. Noice!!! Must be fun doing such great work .. but understand why it would be hard to leave. i could soak in that tub forever (-:

  2. You are so talented Sal - that house is absolutely breathtaking! And I think that bathroom is a masterpiece - omg! Love it, and love your work. K xx

  3. What, what a stunning home! Those floorboards look amazing and what a view!!

  4. That is jaw-droppingly awesome - did you have to test the bath, and the pool - maybe several times?

  5. Too many things I love about this design...
    You are very talented....I especially like the boat shaped kitchen bench..very cool.

  6. Thanks guys - yes this was a very special job, we dont always get ones like this! Great clients too! My boss & i often joked that we should have to live there for a week before we handed it over, you know, for quality control & to make sure it all functioned smoothly! Sadly the clients have just sold it so another lucky family will get to spend this summer there!
    sal x

  7. I love those tiles in the laundry! Wow Sal, you are a very talented girl! xox

  8. Amazing!! what a cool concept on the stairs being floating - so many things to love about this place not to mention (that was a laundry!! it's bigger than my whole spare bedroom!!)

  9. What a beautiful house and the view!!!! You are a very talented duo! I love the bath the best! I would happily make time daily to kick back in it with a glass of wine and enjoy the view!

  10. Amazing place in an amazing location. Love the pool especially!

  11. Fantastic work Sal, you should be extremely proud of that effort!



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