Tuesday, June 29, 2010

8 weeks to go!

8 weeks to go till this!!!!!

Matamanoa Island Fiji
I wonder if there's any chance of looking like this ....
Image via Red Ticking

Or this.

or this...
(ok, i have the hair - thats a start!!)

or this before then???

probably not.
just pray that mother nature doesnt give us the cyclone from our last trip as discussed in this post!


  1. oooh lucky you! The perfect place to escape to during winter:)

  2. How exciting! It's so lovely when you have a holiday to look forward to and Fiji will be so lovely and relaxing for you.

    P.S Thanks for your advice for my lounge - I like your suggestion of the mirror and I'd actually thought a pendant light might be good one day. Decisions decisions :)

  3. Isn't it nice to have somewhere warm to look forward to when we are in this cold snap...Maybe a spray tan will help toward the Miranda Kerr look.
    I know its strange but I always get a spray tan before I go on a summer holiday...

  4. Oh yes, i cannot wait!
    Elements - i have had that thought, but my lovely other half said id look like a terracotta pot! nice.

  5. I saw this pic on Red Ticking too .. and tapped my heels 3 times and wished for me to change to her .. but alas, still me. Love your 'terracotta pot' comment .. made me larf!!!

  6. Ooh, nice Sal! After the cold weather we've been having, I can't imagine a nicer place to spend your holiday. I do recommend the spray tan actually - my very fair, blonde daughter got a light one before her formal, and it looked sensational - no terracotta pots in sight! Does wonders for the confidence - you could be giving Miranda a run for her money! K xx



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