Saturday, June 26, 2010

home alone...

So - my other half is a policeman. Which means due to shift work i get a lot of 'alone time'. Which sadly enough i seriously enjoy - theres nothing wrong with enjoying your own company right??
Anyway -  i get alot done on these nights & can actually watch what i want on tv/dont have to listen to the irritating sound of xbox games!
Tonight that happens to be sorting through 5 years of interiors magazines that i have no room for in our little apartment! 
I keep them for a year & then tear out the stuff i like & file it in huge folders that live in the laundry cupboard! When i (or a friend/client) needs some inspiration i pull out the folders!

Here is the current scene on the dining table....

While sorting i came across this delectable scene...
I think im in love. 
I must find this light & hang it over my kitchen island.
ooohh the shiny copper goodness is too yum!
(wonder of it'd go discolored like copper saucepans though?)


  1. That's just an awesome way to sort out those magazines. I should try doing that once my holiday is over. =) That nook you spotted is simply perfect. I'm loving the wall treatment between the counter and cabinets.

  2. light is by Tom Dixon available in good lighting stores, love your big picture of NYC.

  3. I love flicking through old interiors magazines too and reliving the excitement of some wonderful pages. I also don't mind the odd night home along to watch things I've taped on TV, to read some blogs or flick through magazines :)

  4. still cannot believe we were in the same room (the ticking!) and the same streets and never really knew one another... when you visit... you must let me know... PLEASE... and no, nothing wrong with being alone... it helps to recharge our batteries... xx pam

  5. Manju - thankyou!!! Now i just need a second job to buy it!
    Red ticking - I know pam! I cant beleive it either! My in laws will be back there for a visit next week so i may have to send them in to say hi!
    Amanda - yes its my idea of the perfect night in...just add a glass of wine!



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