Tuesday, June 15, 2010

'Complete Pad'

I know ive said it before, but i have to say it again! When i started this blog i dont know what i expected, but i never thought id come across people though it who i found so inspiring or that id actually meet up with them! 
One of these people is Bronywn Poole - she became a follower of my blog a few weeks ago & little did i know she was also the owner of an online interiors store called 'Complete Pad' that had a facebook fan page i was a member of. Over a picture of Kelly Wearstlers Imperial Trellis fabric we traded comments & realised not only was she a follower of my blog, but that she worked only about 1km down the road from me! So we met up or lunch! 
I found her so inspiring - only in her early 30's she started her own successful interior design business Touch Interiors straight out of university & has now added an amazing online store called Complete Pad.
She has a ridiculous amounts of amaaaazzzing furniture, homewares, accessories & lighting all at trade prices! You can buy single pieces or with their help you can purchase everything - the 'Complete Pad'.

So - here is my 'edit' of my favorite pieces from the online store! And im telling you, this was one hard post to put together, there are so many great items in her store - yes its a long one but it really could have been twice as long. Head over to the shop & you'll see what i mean!

Provence Oak Headboard $1210.00

Equator Ariya Bed (Queen) $2615.00

Maroc 4 Poster bed (Queen) $2835
.....this one is a SERIOUS favorite, it also comes in white....swoon!

French Farmhouse table $1210.00

Oriental Sideboards

Industrial Bakery Sideboard $1120

Embossed Silver Metal 2 Door cabinet $1520.00

Industrial Cabinet with 20 drawers $1475.00

Manhattan Library..YES PLEASE!

Primitive Kauri Pine Table $2835

Paradise 2 Cross Dining Table $1465

Bermuda Bamboo Divider $380

Bis Oak 2 Seater Love Seat $1570

Bis Ornate Day Bed $1935.00
(another serious favorite!)

Infact they have so many good pieces im going to do a second half to this post tomorrow with lighting art & accessories! Would you believe this seemingly huge online store is run by Bronwyn & 3 girls (hi girls!) out of a little sandstone cottage in sydney.
Lets support a small Aussie business - i hope you'll all go check it out!


  1. What a small world? I love those items from Bronwyn's store. I will go and check it out now! Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. Wow, those pieces are wonderful. Will definately check out the Complete Pad. Thanks :)

  3. Thanks for the kind words about our Complete Pad online shop Sal. You have beautiful taste!

  4. Oh I love that pine table! I saw one on the weekend in Berrima that I loved but it was like $16,500... this one is slightly more my budget I think.



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