Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Power Ballad Artwork

Last week i posted about Molly Sims apartment & oohed & ahhd over the Byran Adams song that plasters her walls in the form of the gorgeous painting below (that also happens to be my screensaver at work).

Well thanks to Jules over at The Diversion Project I have found the artist!


I am inspired by greatness and by greatness I mean things of immense power... often beautiful - often painful. The vastness of the ocean inspires me. Images and information of terrible ruin inspire me. An elegant rock song can inspire me. Physics and the spiritual unknown inspire me. The fact that my wife and I created another human being is so inspiring!
The most recurring and dominant theme in my work is the entanglement of romantic love and self love. My work takes personal experiences and feelings sharing them in a universal way, accessible to people on an emotional level releasing the need for literal comprehension.
Often a phrase playing in my mind or one that comes to me just before or in my sleep initiates a piece. My figurative work is almost always narrative though the stories becomes abstract as information is layered. A figure will lead to another figure, which leads to another mark, which leads to the covering up of something to introduce something else. My paintings are built from layers of elements coming and going not highly premeditated. I often stumble through my work hoping to find greatness.

The painting like the one in Molly Sima apartment is from a sereis called Homage to Music and are acyrlic on canvas with custom orders are also available on request.

You can also buy prints with large ones being $675 & smaller ones $375
Looks like my dream of owning the Bryan Adamas print will remian a dream :)



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