Monday, June 21, 2010

Weddings + Tree's = LOVE

Because so many people i know have just become engaged, im allowed to do a post on weddings :)
(thats my excuse anyway!)
I loooove the idea of getting married under a big tree - maybe its something to do with my love of the great outdoors.

And these gorgeous photos below are from my freind Romayne's wedding that she has kindly let me share with you!
Arent the trees & the light beautiful!

Happy Monday!


  1. Me thinks everyone likes a little romance so thank you for sharing the images from this gorgeous wedding.
    If your 'friends' are looking for some more inspiration they really can't go past the truly special wedding of a wedding designer at dandelion and grey

    Enjoy the week,


  2. Thanks Felicity!
    Just had a look - what a divine wedding!
    love their dog too ;)
    sal x

  3. You are allowed to do as many posts about weddings as you like! It is such an exciting time in life and a great opportunity to decorate! The images look devine and I think getting married under a beautiful tree like those in your pictures would be spectacular. xx

  4. I am a particular fan of the last shots of Romayne's wedding... gorgeous bride! Might be a touch bias though! :) xox

  5. hehe yes C.A.M because you are IN these photos ;)

  6. Where was this wedding? And does Romayne have a site where I could see more pictures?



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