Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Peacock new obsession...

So if any of you  look at my side bar & even might remember my first ever post you'll know that this is one of my favorite images ever...and if i ever have a house this big i plan for it to look exactly like this!

Image: Domino

Anyhow....have seen the sex & the city 2 movie twice now...the second time around, after i had processed the fact that Aiden was in the market & carries ridiculous skirt i spied the mirror from my domino  image obsession in the background! I know right, only interior/homewares looneys like me/you would notice such a thing! YESSSSSS! Now i know where to get one! I just have to go to Morocco!

Image: Rickshaw design

You seem to be able to buy them at both ludicrously expensive & half decent prices in America - does anyone know of anywhere in Australia i might be able to get my mitts on one of these?? Short of going to flight centre & buying tickets to Morocco??


  1. hi! i am obsessed with everything peacock as well, stumbled across your blog today, love it, check mine out at

  2. Hey!
    Thnaks for joining me! Dont you just love these mirrors!
    Ill go have a look at your blog now too! :)
    sal x

  3. Hi Sal, don't know if this will help but I came across this shop which is about to start selling online...a Moroccan homewares store in Bondi...
    Maybe you can give them a call?



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