Thursday, May 20, 2010

sneaky peek!

Now that ive realised i should show you guys what i do day to day i thought id share a few pictures i took on site a few weeks ago of a house we have almost finished! The pro photograher was out there yesterday taking the shots for our website so im really excited to see them when they come in & i will definately share them with you too!

Front of the house - this was a completely new house.
We were also asked by the client to design it using the principals of Feng Shui which was really interesting (i had to go away & learn about it!)
 My favorite thing to design!
The master bedroom walk in robe
(i has come out looking seriously good so im pretty happy!)
...Oh & thats me you can see in the mirror trying to not be in the photo!

Lap pool (still empty at this stage & full of muck!) with glass fence. BBQ area with custom stainless steel bbq bench - It also has a wok burner on it! This little area also has cafe style overhead heaters! cool huh!

stay tuned for the pro shots in a week or so!


  1. So, can I just clarify .. you designed the house? Did the interiors? Worked out where everything went? Insisted on the lap pool (definately a feng shui thing lap pools!!)? If that is the case, I feel honoured to be in your company. Heh, even if you only chose some door handles I STILL feel honoured to be in your company. You are too good Sal. I must run a story about you on my blog (-: (heh, and I am up to 40 now .. you are at 35 .. i think combined we are nearly 100 - woohooo!!)

  2. Linda you funny thing! Don't be ridiculous look at how talented you are! Anyway, It's my job to choose handles ;)
    Well my boss comes up with the overall concept & I put in my 2 bobs worth along the way & then do the detailing for the interiors like bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchen, lighting etc so I do a bit of everything!

  3. So pretty and some really great ideas!!! I love the platter the best, as I have a thing for platters! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

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