Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pom Pom Success & my mothers day table!

Like i said yesterday,  i have been almost bedridden with the flu over the past week but it didnt stop me from hanging out at home on the couch on saturday night & doing a bit of craft! How much of a dag do i sound like! The martha tissue paper pom poms turned out really well - super easy, only about 15 minutes to make 3 & cheap as! About a dollar each to make!
So here is my version of the step by step instructions & how my mothers day table turned out.
Instead of buying bunch's of flowers i bought 4 pots of cysanthamums & used the left over tissue paper & some white ribbon to jazz them up!

A cute centerpiece that our guests of honour could take home with them!

ok - the pom poms - my version!
lay out 8 sheets of paper flat
(i got packs of ten sheets for $1)

Fold them into about an inch folds

I used stretchy nylon string (also from the $2 shop) & tied a knot around the middle. Holds it in place & will also be used to hang them!

Snip the ends into points or rounds

fan em' out

start pulling up the layers - be careful here not to rip them
(i did a few times!)

Ta da! Finished!
Very excited at this stage that they worked!


Three! woohoo!
And the finished mothers day table below!
Out on our little balcony - a bit of a squish for 8 people but it looked nice i think!
The finished product - i was very happy - looked really cute i think!

I used clear tape to stick them to the ceiling of the balcony & put our flower pots (one for each mum/nanna/aunt) down the center of the table.

Our mums (& nanna & aunty) loved it! Was a nice warm sunny avo - we drank champagne, ate yummy food
(if i do say so myself) & had a great time!
Even if i was coughing & spluttering most of the time!

Hope your mums day was great too!


  1. Wow!1 It really looks nice. I love love the pom poms, they just make me smile. I also love the color combinations that you used, great job,kathysue

  2. Love those! Bookmarking this for an upcoming wedding I am planning. Yay!


  3. Thanks ladies!
    Yes - they would be gorgeous for a wedding - or any party for that matter! you'll have to post your pics too when your done Alaina!
    Sal x

  4. You are a clever bunny aren't you? No wonder your guests loved them, they look fantastic!
    K xx

  5. Phew, that looks easier than I imagined. Not sure if my 2 boys will be into pompoms but I'll give it a whirl. They love craft. Your table looks lovely with them hanging from above .. well done (-:

  6. Thanks linda & kerri!
    Linda - just make blue ones!
    You could get different shades of blue paper & stack them together to make multicoloured blue ones!



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