Monday, May 3, 2010

Having a moment - Target!

So, last week i saw an amazing mirror in a magazine that id expect to pay about $200 for...i read on, extremely surprised to see it was actually from TARGET (!) and was only $50!
I got on the phone & what do you know they seemed to have already sold out country wide (damn).
I thought id go in and have a look anyway & was really surprised at how good their homewares are getting. Taget in the US have always had great homewares & it seems we in Australia might just be getting the same! Here are some of my fav items!

Timber wall art $49.95
I actually bought one of these for a bare wall we have  & when i got to the counter it was only $17??!!
White ceramic buddhas $25
Fish book ends - love these! $17.95

Ok, now these are a real find! I have seen these in the likes of Orson & Blake etc for over $250.
The photo isnt that clear, but they are brown/ bronze & gold weathered looking buddha heads with a stunning cream linen shade with gold on the inside. These would look fantastic as a pair at either end of a sideboard!
Oh & they are $60 each!

Next are these gorgeous felt looking cushions!
They came in a few more colours & were all priced around $15-$25. Perfect for updating the couch for winter!

Have a look for yourself - im sure you will be surprised at the goodies you can find in Target these days at a fraction of the price you'd see similar things elsewhere!

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  1. I went to Target to look for props for my last shoot. I was so surprised too, I spent about 2 hours there and called my Mum to say how much I enjoyed Target! :)



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