Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Buns in the oven!

In the last 2 weeks i honestly can not believe how many of my friends have revealed they have little buns in the oven! In the last 24hrs there have been THREE! Crazy!
One of them being my lovely "bloggy friend" Sonja over at Tied with a Bouw! Congrats Sonja - the other two my lips are sealed on! You know who you are!

I have been holding onto these pics for a while but in light of the recent surprises i thought now would be a good time to get the creative juices flowing for my friends & decorating for their new additions on the way! Ill keep posting new pics as i find them in the next few months!  Id love to see what you come up with too girls!
I love the idea of a  dorm/bunk room - this might be a good idea for a holiday house or when the kids are a bit older & if they have freinds over OR just for everyday if you have multiple kids in one room!
Beach house style

Colour coding!!! Such a great fun idea!

Ok, this might be an adults bunk room - dont think its stay this white for too long! hehe

Striped walls look fantastic & are really easy to do yourself!
I also think yellow or pink would look fab!
oh & i think the latest trend with the zebra rugs is perfect for a kids room! Especially if you a bit to scared to have it in your living room!

This stunning room is Viv of ish & chis son Roberts room!
She has done the most amazing job here dont you think!
Cute teepee!!

colour perfection!
Catherine Martin (Baz Luhrmanns costume designer for those who dont know her!) wallpaper + that lounge is divine! (even the teddy's clothes match!)

Gorgeous serene white with a beautifully detailed mirror behind.

Wow - what a kids heaven - a huge room to play in.
Love the soft cutrtains, wall decals & the starts on the roof!
Also a day bed is a nice spot for a sleep or reading a book together.
Wall decals are a great & cheap way to make a wall look amazing! Then you can just peel them off when its time for a change! No messy painting needed!
Divine wall colour + fab exotic detailed timber cabinet + fun teepee + great art  = love!
Soo gorgeous, this has to be one of my favorite colours and the mural has kind of an aladdin vibe to it!
Very exotic, and i love the little nook the cot is tucked into - very cosy & nuturing.

Now this one is a kids dream!
Create by Kansas designers 'artistic living spaces'
A ferris wheel to store toys - how cool is that!
Love the stripes - simple yet graphic & fun

And stylish too - look at those awesome Bertoia chairs w/ cosy little sheepskins! You can get these sheepskins at ikea & the chairs from Knoll (for the originals), or from many of the repro stores for a copy!!

oh i just found one more goodie on House of Turquiose!
Congrats yummy mummies - i will keep finding you inspiration!


  1. ohh love some of these - great ideas... watch out your making me clucky!!

  2. Oh thanks gorgeous, you are too sweet! AND I love all the pics... as a matter of fact I have had a couple of them stashed in my 'nursery file' or a little while now :P x

  3. I think you have just jinx'd everyone to have twins or triplets with those first rooms Sal! xox



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