Thursday, May 13, 2010

David Jimenez you rock my world!

"In 1998 David Jimenez left his home in San Francisco for a weekend getaway to sunny Palm Springs. Poolside cocktails, palm trees and golden sunsets left a favorable impression on him. So much so that about six months later, when he was contemplating what to do with a little financial windfall, he decided to invest it in real estate and buy a second home there which he now rents out full time to holiday makers....and then another purchase in 2003" The New York Times.
...the rest is history....
When it came to decorating, Jimenez said he was mostly influenced by the neighborhood’s classy, old Hollywood vibe.
Master bedroom
Guest bedroom
Resort style pool - he also rents this house out as a holiday property!...Holiday anyone?!?!
I looove the blue lounge & the stone wall!
Entry table opposite the front door!
Perfect example of how striking symmetry can be!

Ive saved my favorite image for last - This room is pretty much perfect! How fantastic is the blue & white chair with the raw timber mirror & the huge lamp!...oh & the yellow couch, shag rug & wicker pod chair ...this guy is a genius!

In an interveiw with the New York Times he said ;
"I don’t really take myself too seriously, I wanted to create a place that would make me smile the minute I walked through the door.”

well - you certianly make me smile!!
For more interiors porn check out his website


  1. Oh my god can I have his life? And he drives one of my dream cars! xox

  2. Well reading this in cold old Canberra at the moment I'm visualising sitting around the pool, with gin and tonic and a great book in hand...sigh.

  3. What a terrific post! Thank you so much for your kind words. I love your blog! I am a new fan. Keep up the great work.

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