Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Moroccan wedding blankets - more like art than a blanket!

Twice daily chic today.....
Have been seeing these beauties pop up around the place lately - arent they just stunning??
Moroccan wedding blankets - they are so delicate, detailed & i love all the neutral tones, with the different textures & 'sparkly bits' - mind you i think it would lay this over my bed & never touch it it looks so delicate!

I certainly wouldnt be SITTING on it EATING & DRINKING like the SATC girls!
This is more my idea - Jonothan Adlers interior for the Parker Hotel Palm Springs
......and the best bit...i know where you can get them here in Australia!!!!! Head over to Table Tonic!
Louise who runs this online shop also has a great blog which is on my daily list of reads!

They cost $590, but i would see buying one like buying a piece of art. Weather its over your bed, your lounge or you could even hang it on the wall! Stunning - get over to Table Tonic & check them out (along with all the rest of her awesome cushions!)


  1. These are amazing! Sal, my wishlist is getting very long and expensive thanks to your blog...

  2. oh dont worry - you should see my wishlist ;)
    a girl can dream!



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