Thursday, May 6, 2010

Displaying your personality!

Im often discusssing with a friend of mine (you know who you are!) how she can inject more personality into her apartment & make it look more 'lived in' and show off more of her loves while still satisfying her slightly obsessive compulsive super clean minimalistic style, colour pallette & her need to have no clutter what so ever!
My own apartment on the other hand is what you'd call .....ecclectic...mainly due to the fact that i have 56m2 of one bedroom apartment and absolutely no ability to pick a 'style' or colour pallette that i can stick too! (working in the architecture/interior design industry there are too many options & i have little ability to choose for myself despite doing it for others all day long!)

So - one of my favorite ways to inject a bit of personality/colour/interest into your space is to compose little displays of your favorite things!  This display can be ever changing! It can also be in many places; read on......

Hasnt this image been around the block!
Love the colour/texture & lush look of it all.
The vinatge Hermes tray was an opshop find (lucky girl!) on it is displayed some jewellery, found objects, a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. We can also see a few stacks of favorite books in bold colours that really stand out agaist the wood grain of the table....striking display that really shows off the owners personaily & injects some colour i think!
These displays also look fantastic on a sideboard.
I love the look of a few books with a great object like this buddha head or say, a piece of coral ontop.
The collection of frames leaning on the wall are a great look too! They can be of anything you like!
Perhaps you have an old postcard you love?..frame it!

A few more coffee table displays above...if only we had room for a coffee table this big!
And this one below from apartment therapys 'small cool' competition - how great is the pop of colour from the flowers! see the full apartment here on apartment therapy

Now this one speaks to me - i looove globes!
I really like the table here that is purely for display!
If yoy have a space thats a bit 'empty' try something like this!

Add some flowers like a huge cymbidium orchid for a bit of greenery & natural chic.

i love the girly colour pallete here created from books, ceramics & fresh flowers
An entry/hall table is also a great spot for a little collection of items you love - that way when you visitors come in they get an instant little taste of your style! I think a must for a hall table is somewhere for your keys to go! Find a great plate or bowl you love to put them in!

Here's a little taste of my own entry table ( i know i havent put many piccies of my own place on here yet so heres a start - apologies for the ddgy iphone photo!) I love to travel & it holds a few of my favorite items/memories from our travels - A glasshouse scented candle (yum!), 2 beautiful buddhas i bought in thailand (which have scarves & beads i had given to me in nepal hanging from them), brass buddhist singing bowls from our trip to nepal, photos on the wall above from mexico & my treasured grandfathers antique world globe. I have a thing for lamps, so if we had a powerpoint at the front door i would probably have a lamp there too ;)

ok - so this may not help my friend totally avoid clutter! But by making little displays of items you love or mean something to you, you are not only displaying a bit of yourself but also putting special things on display like they deserve to be! A few things that are special to you wont feel like clutter - it'll make you happy everyday when you see them!

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  1. Your hall table looks great! And glasshouse candles are my absolute favourite too. K x



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