Friday, May 28, 2010

Riding into the, the mud.

I am still pining after a nice vintage style bike!
My ideas of a bike are a bit like these images...

Where as my other half's ideas are a bit more serious.... think staying up till 4am every night in july watching the tour de france...ok i do a bit of that too but am usually asleep by midnight!

Which means we have a nice collection of just as serious serious bikes around the house  (maybe i could display them like these??)

Somehow i ended up with a fairly expensive mountain bike that has barely been used...My mountain biking career never really took off... Im too much of a scardy cat! This weekend however we are off to Canberra for a 100km mountain bike race. The man is racing & i am spectating ;)  Usually looks a bit like this;
Although with the weather in Sydney & Canberra this week & the forcast for the weekend it may turn out more like this...
lets hope not!

Happy Weekend ;)


  1. 100k's? No wonder you're just spectating, that's a serious ride! You need to drop my blog buddy Kerry from A Tranquil Townhouse a line, she's a Canberran and I'm sure could steer you to all the best coffee shops and restaurants! Have a great weekend, and good luck to your other half. K xx

  2. So sorry it doesn't look like my town is going to turn on a beautiful autumn day for you and your boy! You'll both deserve a good drink by the end of the day I suspect!

  3. Haha I love this post, it has it all. beautiful interiors, and ideas. Sport and even humour. ***** 5 stars Sal. :)
    Have a great weekend and post us any funny mud pics. Good luck to Ben.

  4. Thanks girls!
    Ill post a few piccies next week!
    Not very interior related..nor is standing in the mud on a bush track somewhere near canberra very chic either lol



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