Thursday, May 27, 2010

More Real Living inspirations

Here are 2 more images that ive spied in Real Living magazine lately that have inspired me!
Particulary with our tiny dining space (read squished between the back of the lounge & the kitchen island in a bout a 2m x 2.5m gap space!). We ended up buying a white tulip table & white panton chairs. We now need a sidebaord for storage & to hide the 'clutter'.....
Im loving the look in this picture on the left of the white chairs against the rustic timber sideboard.
This look has got me quite inspired! I have been trawling ebay for a sideboard & found a great one at Stone Pony in Sydney that i showed in this post.

Now this picture really got me thinking....maybe the wishbone chairs would have looked better with the white table....or a timber table with my white chairs.......oh indecision! Basically i think these two photos show how a bit of rustic + a bit of modern can look fantastic together! Or how good light timbers + white look together!

Image - Beacon Lighting
Oh & of course, in my opinion a kitchen or dining area just isnt complete without a pendant light or 3!
These are one of my (affordable) fav's (from Beacon Lighting), the Tama drum pendant. Love that solid timber bench& the stone clad collumns too! This would be a great casual dining table dont you think?? I can just see myself sitting up here with a coffee & my breaky!

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  1. I love that 3rd image .. the table, the lights, the wall. This is the ants pants as far as I'm concerned. Love it!!! (-:



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