Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Im inspired!! A bit like big Kev was excited....

Its rare these days that i pick up a design mag & feel totally inspired!
I got the latest copy of Real Living magazine a few weeks ago & instantly felt inspired by the cover story. Its not a opulent interior that would cost a fortune to recreate - its a simple, liveable, 'real' but stylish one!

I have been finding it very hard to choose a style & particular pieces of furniture for our little apartment (and we have to choose carefully because its so damn small!). This is by no means a small apartment but the feel of it is just gorgeous & relaxing. And unlike myself they have managed to stick to one colour pallette which is fantastic by the way! Creams/pale blues & a touch of black!
Lets call it contemporary coastal - it was designed by Tim Leveson who also custom made alot of the furniture like the dining & coffe tables.
Everything about this dining/kitchen makes me want to live here!
Love the custom made solid recycled timber table.
Love the DSW chairs.
Love the lobster pot as a pendant light
Love the colour of the kitchen island & splashback.
did i say i loved it?

The 2 black mirrors on the wall behind can be bought from Ikea & are a very chic addition to a coastal syle interior where you wouldnt ususally pick black as part of the colour pallette.
The Eames DSW chairs can be picked up for about $100 at many of the reproduction stores like Matt Blatt or Glicks. The cushions are from Country Road.
Again a mirror from ikea above the bed!
and driftwood lamps that i actually have myself at home!
(you can find them at Beachwood in Avalon on sydneys northern beaches)

Oh, this bathroom is so similar to one we designed for a client :)
(take a look below at my design!)

i actually like ours better ;)
plus our client found a fantastic bath mat!

Through this article ive also discovered a wholesaler of reclaimed timber & chinese furniture with a sideboard i think would be perfect for my own place! What do you think??
Check out more of Real Living here!


  1. Sal, thanks so much for featuring Real Living on your gorgeous blog. Thrilled to read that you got inspired with the cover feature this month!

    Deb from Real Living

  2. I am with you Sal, this Issue is a real keeper - loved every article :)
    Well done Deb!

  3. Sal Liz and i have almost finished our reno,those shots of real living are going to inspire her, wait till you see our pad....dreamy.

  4. I loved this one too .. and I read about it on Jason Grants blog also - the behind the scenes stuff. Makes it even more interesting when you hear about the ins and outs. Love your header pic by the way .. soooo wish I was there right now. (-: Linda

  5. Hey Linda!
    Thanks for popping over! Now ive found your blog too! Love it - ill have to check out your umbreallas! My header pic was my screensaver for ages - i just wish i knew where its from & where it is!
    sal x



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