Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yay for December! Woohoo its Xmas time!

Woohoo its December, my favorite time of the year! Its warm & christmas is coming; lots of time with family eating & drinking in the sun! AND it means we can now put up our decorations!
Call me superstitious but my Nanna has always said that its bad luck to put your tree up before the 1st of December! So now that it is december i can indulge in my favorite time of the year much to my boyfriends amusment...he just doesnt get it! Although he does help me decorate the tree....(and then i go & make sure he has distributed all the decorations evenly when he's not looking hahaha). Ill share some piccies  when they are up, but in the meantime here is some xmas decoration porn!

I love the idea of creating a 'white xmas' here in Australia by using all white decorations on a real tree!

How cute! A pom pom ontop!
Via Design Sponge

Dont know about those paper 'things' infront of the fire place but its quite cute (& very girly!)

Sigh....Great tree & great wreath

Styling xmas bar - love all the gold & that champagne bucket!
Oh & the stocking hanging off it!

A gorgeous xmas entry table!
Saw this over on Bryn Alexandra - the wreath is actually made from bay leaves that dry out & can then be used in your cooking! What a great idea!

Cute advent calender idea Via Stylizmo Blog

Via Ada & Darcy
My new wreath from Domayne looks just like this minus the back lights!

Im a sucker for great wrapping & spend way to much time on it!

This is divine...i love the natural look of the mossy bowl below the wreath!
Via Moth Design


  1. How gorgeous is that lace! Hope you are having a great day so far lovely x

  2. ohh exciting! i love a real Christmas tree the smell is fabulous... how cool is the bay leaf wreath ad yes love the lace one too... and the advent calendar so many cool ideas for advent calendars - i loved them as a kid :)

  3. Isn't Christmas wonderful so many beautiful ways to decorate! xx



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