Friday, December 10, 2010

TYPO - My new favorite shop!

Do you worship at the alter of Kiki-K?
So do i...and not to 'dis' kikik but i have just discovered TYPO....its the more creative (and less scandanavian) cheaper & a tad naughty version of KikiK.....and let me tell you i went mental, this place has soooo much great stuff & at prices that you can randomly impulse buy half the shop ( i might have).

Wooden letters 3 for $10!

Can i please take the shop diaplay drawers home?

Snapped up one of the tiffany blue laptop covers...

Got my 2011 diary in snakeskin!...


  1. Oh..I love that store the world globe..would look great on my office desk ;)

  2. Oh, I bet it is just in Sydney... boo hoo! Looks fantastic. ;-)

  3. No, no, no, they seem to be everywhere - must get out more!!!! ;-)



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