Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Book Purchases!

Bens brother has just arrived from the states for xmas & i managed to make a few book purchases on amazon & get him to bring them over for me! Unfortunately the one that i actually needed - a beautiful coffee table book about custom made bikes, that i was going to give Ben for xmas, didnt arrive in time :(
These two however did!
Im off to the U2 concert tonight - not sure if im looking forward to JZ or U2 more! Are any other Sydneysiders going?

Cant wait to unwrap this beauty!

Hopefully this one will give me some good summer reading & business advice for the new year!


  1. Hi Sal I'm one of your newest followers. Ooh, they look fab. I've had my eye on the second one but hadn't seen the first. Incidentally, how much was Amazon selling them for? You should check out www.booko.com.au when buying books - it's my favourite little secret. Their cheapest price for the top one is $A31.76 inc postage. Happy reading! J x

  2. Hi Sal, I had my eye on the first one too! Let me know how it is :) Enjoy the concert xx

  3. Enjoy the concert tonight! I went last night and LOVED it! I personally was there a little more for JAyZ then U2 but it was a spectacular show. xx

  4. Looks like really lovely reads! Have a wonderful time, Kellie xx



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