Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cushion update - your thoughts please!

Im going to update the cushions on my couch. Our couch is almost black so quite 'heavy' & masculine looking. I want to soften it up without being ott girly (gotta consider the man ;) You can see a picture of our living area in this post. Here are some im considering....

These from Ada & Darcy - sublime!

This from Etsy seller Milk & Cookies

This one from Be Still

And these from Table Tonic..

Would love your thoughts!
We have to take into account the dark couch & the zebra on the floor!
There is alot of black & white happening in this space!


  1. You've chosen a series of cushions that could all be worked together beautifully.

    Perhaps you could have a blue and white focus for summer and as the seasons start to cool add in some warmth with the pinks.

    I look forward to seeing what you decide,

    Felicity x

  2. It's hard to say without seeing your space but I do like the top combination of cushions - depends how 'busy' your rug is x

  3. You've found some beauties! Beautiful colour scheme... It's so hard to choose!

    Definitely get the grey zebra from Be Still! Would probably be best matched with the pink two sided pillow from Ada & Darcy and the blue flowers from Milk & Cookies... in my opinion...

  4. I'm rather partial to adding some hot pink to your space Sal, so if it were me, I'd go for the gorgeous Table Tonic ikat numbers, and maybe a hot pink chevron too? And then I'd add some in 'kitchenaid blue' as well, just for good measure - although that probably comes as no surprise! Actually I love all of the above, but imho I thing the brighter options would work best. Just sayin....xx

  5. I'd love a dash of the hot pink at my place so I will live vicariously through you! The pink table tonic ones please :)

  6. I vote for the Table Tonic cushions. Pink and Coffee!!

  7. I LOVE the first bunch, Love love love love.....but I think the pink and lighter colour ones further down would suit your couch better

  8. I like the top combination of cushions. Well, your arrangement is perfect with attractive colors. Second last is my favorite.



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